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2022 legacy award recipient: 
raymond and son, inc.

Presented Saturday, April 30, 2022, to:

local legacy ranching operation Raymond and Son, Inc.

Located in Helix, Oregon, and has been in operation for over 4 generations

A repeat supporter of Pendleton Cattle Barons, you can learn more about them and their award by clicking the icon below

2022 Horse & Dog Sale Results

2022 Top Selling Horse

Lot# 1 Starz On Fire

Consigned by Zeph Schulz



2022 Top Selling Dog

Lot# 2 "Hope"

Consigned by Robin Brown, Broken Circle Stockdogs


2022 Ranch Competition Champion

Lot# 1 Starz On Fire

Consigned by Zeph Schulz

2022 Ranch Competition Top Dog

Lot #5 Jessie

Consigned by Gone Rogue Stockdogs


2022 Silver Show Results

1st Place: Matt Litz 
2nd Place: Bailey Langvardt 
3rd Place: Jill Latno-Yamate 

1st Place: Bill Turner
2nd Place: Travis Clelland  
3rd Place: Jill Latno-Yamate 

1st Place: Laddan Ledbetter (Bottle)
2nd Place: Laddan Ledbetter  (Pen)
3rd Place: Matt Litz @mattlitz (Buckle)

2022 Leather Show Results

People’s Choice award:

1st - Denise Stringfellow- Miss Rodeo Oregon Chaps

2nd - Kelly Martin- Cactus Boots

3rd - Cloe Davis - Let ‘er Buck Halter

Live Tooling Contest Winner:

Cloe Davis

2022 BBQ Results

Reserve Grand Champion: Slowpokes 
Grand Champion: Lake House BBQ 
People's Choice Winner: Meatsweats


6th Place: Heifer Dust Cafe

5th Place: Meat Your Maker

4th Place: Rs bbq

3rd Place: Slowpokes

2nd Place: Lake House BBQ

1st Place: Meatsweats


6th Place: The Grill Sergeants

5th Place: Slowpokes

4th Place: RandB barbecue

3rd Place: Grillz Gone Wild

2nd Place: Pit 71

1st Place: Lake House BBQ


6th Place: Blind Duck BBQ

5th Place: Meatsweats

4th Place: Lake House BBQ

3rd Place: Slowpokes

2nd Place: HoggerQ

1st Place: Smoking Fools BBQ

2022 Stock Saddle Bronc Results

Lane Johnson: Long Go 81 Points (1st Place), Short Go 79 Points (2nd Place)

Jack Whiteaker: Long Go 79 Points (2nd Tie), Short Go No Time

Warren Johnson: Long Go 79 Points (2nd Tie), Short Go 79 (2nd Place)

Taylor Merrill: Long Go 77 Points (4th Place), Short Go 84 (1st Place Champion)

2022 Ranch Rodeo Results 

1st Place Team: Gus King, Jason Euigren, Tyler Euigren, & Cole Euigren

2nd Place Team: Ty Strurza, Dale Benevides, Danny Martin & Ryan Verling

3rd Place Team: Candida Eldridge, Jaylen Eldridge, Marlow Eldridge & Jared Parke


1st Place Team: David Temple, Dex Maddock, Josie Thurman & Willie Jespsen

2nd Place Team: Dixie Barry, Kurtis Barry, Candida Eldridge & Sabra Wright 


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