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stock saddle bronc

Registration is now full, but you can still sign up to watch using the buy tickets button below!

Tickets are closed until next year.

With twenty of the best stock saddle bronc riders in the world converging upon Pendleton, the North American Stock Saddle Bronc Championship has built a reputation as one of the most exciting, best-paying bronc ridings in the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association.

Saturday, May 6th, 2023, at 7 pm at the Round-Up Pavilion

Limited to twenty Bronc Riders

Must be 18 years or older

Entry fee $150

We will run a Long and Short Go if we have enough entries. If not, we will have an average of two.

Long Go Payoff:

1st: $1000
2nd: $750
3rd: $500

Short Go Round - One Money - $1500 and buckle (If we run it as an average on two, short go money
will be added to the top three)

Buckle for Wild Ride

Entries closed.


• Rides must be 8 seconds.

• All saddles must be furnished by the rider and must be western style- no association or association-type saddles allowed. Saddles must be such that you could rope a steer after a ride.

• Rein to be furnished by the rider.

• All stirrups and leathers must be for a western-style saddle. No modified stirrup leathers and must
not be bound in any way.

• Saddle strings allowed, but not braided behind cantle for a hand hold.

• Bucking rolls, slick forks, or sells will be allowed.

• There must be a rope strap and lass rope attached in a traditional way.

• Lass rope may be tied to the fork of the saddle.

• Must have cinch and latigo for western-style stock saddle.

• At the discretion of the stock contractor, the rein may be tied to the ring of the halter and then run
up through the throat latch or tied directly from the throat latch.


For more information on this event, go to the schedule



contact Nick Michael at 509-240-5841 or

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