buckaroo bbq challenge

Follow your nose out to the Pendleton Convention Center parking lot to see some of the best BBQ in Eastern Oregon. 

Buckaroo BBQ Challenge: Teams will compete for trophies, prize money and most importantly, bragging rights. There is sure to be some friendly trash talk amongst friends and fellow pit-masters. 


For more information contact Kristen: kristen@travelpendleton.com

2022 BBQ Results

Reserve Grand Champion: Slowpokes 
Grand Champion: Lake House BBQ 
People's Choice Winner: Meatsweats


6th Place: Heifer Dust Cafe

5th Place: Meat Your Maker

4th Place: Rs bbq

3rd Place: Slowpokes

2nd Place: Lake House BBQ

1st Place: Meatsweats


6th Place: The Grill Sergeants

5th Place: Slowpokes

4th Place: RandB barbecue

3rd Place: Grillz Gone Wild

2nd Place: Pit 71

1st Place: Lake House BBQ


6th Place: Blind Duck BBQ

5th Place: Meatsweats

4th Place: Lake House BBQ

3rd Place: Slowpokes

2nd Place: HoggerQ

1st Place: Smoking Fools BBQ