western select invitational horse sale

Sponsored by: Pendleton Whisky & HorseLic

The Western Select Invitational Horse Sale is a premier horse sale in the Northwest. We offer over 30 gentle, sound and well trained geldings from all equine disciplines. We offer ranch, roping, reined cowhorse, cutting and great riding horses each year.  There is not another sale like this one!


If you’re in the market for a rock solid working horse, then this is the event for you!


Interested in consigning a horse? Acceptance is on a case-by-case basis.  Steps to take to offer your horse:

  1.  Please email tygh_campbell@yahoo.com  providing: 

    • Sale catalog worthy photo

    • Papers

    • Short bio

    • Proposed reserve price

    • Your telephone number 

    • Email only please. No text messages.

  2. Once you have emailed the information, Tygh Campbell will call you to discuss your horse. 

Attention Horse Sale BUYERS!

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year! Call Duarte Sales 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyers number. They will walk you through the process.

2022 Catalog coming soon!

Sponsored by: Payback

Sometimes the best hand is also the quietest one.  Folks in the market for a good stock dog should look no further than Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend.  Some of the best breeders and trainers of cow dogs from around the Northwest will be featured. See these fine working dogs sell alongside the Western Select horses.  Dogs preview on live cattle Friday and Saturday morning, and sell at the horse sale Saturday afternoon.

Attention Dog Sale BUYERS!

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year! Call Duarte Sales 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyers number. They will walk you through the process.


For more information contact: Robin Brown: 208-741-0969

2022 Catalog coming soon!

Meet our Consignors


Kristen Rivers, K Heart Stockdogs

Born and raised in the small town of Sweet, Idaho, Kristen Rivers grew up riding horses and hanging with her dogs every moment she could. From hounds to horses, caring for and training animals has always been a huge part of Kristen’s life. Training stockdogs is such a true passion, watching them grow into nice mature partners in day-to-day chores and life will always continue to inspire. I'm excited to be bringing a dog to the 2022 Pendleton Cattle Baron’s Sale! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all there!


Mariah Galindo, Flying M Stockdogs

Born and raised in the mountains of Western Colorado, Mariah Galindo grew up ranching and grew up appreciating the companionship dogs give. Inspired by the stockdog’s toughness, ability to problem solve, and how a well-trained dog made every job on the ranch easier, she grew to love training dogs and it quickly became a dream she was ready to chase. After attending two clinics at Broken Circle Border Collie, Mariah knew she wanted to keep striving for the best, putting passion and energy into shaping good working dogs.


Pamm & Dave Oswalt

Pamm and Dave Oswalt were born and raised on ranch-farms and enjoy the hard work of a ranch life. Started working with stock dogs 6 years ago and have never looked back. We have a true love of working our cattle with stock dogs.


Robin Brown, Broken Circle Stockdogs

Robin Nuffer-Brown was born and raised on a third-generation cattle ranch in Idaho, where themountains and valleys were a classroom and here she learned all aspects of ranching and the art of being a cowgirl. Inspired by how the swift intellect, grace, and tough spirit of the working stockdogmade every job more efficient, less stressful and easier, she set about trailblazing a path to training andworking with Border Collies. For over 37 years, stockmanship and mutual respect have been essential toher work, and her methods have brought national wins and titles early in her career, though thegreatest accomplishments have been raising three beautiful daughters and teaching all the dogs and people along the way. Robin focuses on training, giving clinics, demonstrations, and lessons across thecountry (and at home in Idaho). She also has a one-of-a-kind Border Collie workshop Retreat that is a lifechanging experience and game changer for learning. Robin is excited for the future and sharing good experiences with her 2 new grandbabies! 


Jaime Gonzalez

For the last 20 years Jaime Gonzalez has called the Klamath Basin Home. He is a well established, and talented farrier, as well as a stock horse and stock dog trainer. Early on he recognized the enjoyment and assistance that a well trained stock dog could provide while working on local ranches. He strives to create well rounded stock dogs that can work multiple species in all aspects of ranch work and the trial arenas. The past ten years he has been proud to offer solid dogs at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale and in addition, is excited to be a part of this years Pendleton Cattle Barons Working Ranch Dog Sale. Jaime will continue breeding, raising and training working dogs for excellence in disposition, exceptional work ethic, and the ability to perform in high performance stock dog trials in the U.S.




Consigned by Mariah Galindo, Flying M Stockdogs



JC Marsha

Consigned by Rio Painter

Marsha is a nice young female with lots of try. She has been used on pairs and yearlings, and will not hesitate to bite a mama cow on the nose. She will stop cows in the timber, and has been used extensively in the sagebrush and meadows. Marsha is a hard worker with lots of feel and power. She listens well and is loyal and friendly. Whelped 4/4/19

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Consigned by Robin Brown, Broken Circle Stockdogs



JG Loree

Consigned by Jaime Gonzalez

More information coming soon.





Consigned by Kristen Rivers,

K Heart Stockdogs

Frank is a very nice dog that I enjoy working everyday, can’t wait to offer him to someone at the sale! More details soon.

Meet the Working Dogs

Lot 4 Video - JC Marsha