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western select invitational horse & Working Dog Sale
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Sponsored by: Payback

Sometimes the best hand is also the quietest one.  Folks in the market for a good stock dog should look no further than Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend.  Some of the best breeders and trainers of cow dogs from around the Northwest will be featured. See these fine working dogs sell alongside the Western Select horses.  Dogs preview on live cattle Friday and Saturday morning, and sell at the horse sale Saturday afternoon.

Attention Dog Sale BUYERS!

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year! Call Duarte Sales 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyers number. They will walk you through the process.


For more information contact: Robin Brown: 208-741-0969

western select invitational horse sale

Sponsored by: Pendleton Whisky & HorseLic

The Western Select Invitational Horse Sale is a premier horse sale in the Northwest. We offer a select offering of ranch geldings and mares. We offer ranch, roping, reined cow horses, cutting, and great riding horses each year.  There is no other sale like this one!


If you’re in the market for a rock-solid working horse, then this is the event for you!

Watch and bid online at DV Auction!

Phone & Absentee Bids

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year. Call Duarte Sales at 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyer's number. They will walk you through the process.

this year's dogs
D9870876-F8ED-4F4B-92FA-2FC86E3C2FC1 - Kristen Rivers.jpeg
K Heart Flik - Lot 1
Consignor: Kristen Rivers
K Heart Stockdogs 

K Heart Flik is a 1-year-old intact border collie female. She has been raised here in the place so she has the right upbringing. She has been around cats, chickens, horses, and my young children. She will make a great dog for any level of the handler as she is very respectful of her handler. She has a lot of feel and natural gather. She will bite both ends on cattle and she works sheep very nicely! This will be a dog you can go on and be successful in trials or a valued ranch hand. She is on voice and whistle commands. Would love to talk to you about this dog and answer any questions you might have! (208)369-6856 or

lou 2 - Robin Nuffer.jpg
SBC Lou - Lot 2
Consignor: Robin Brown
Broken Circle Border Collies

I wanted to bring an outstanding dog to Pendleton Cattle Barons 2023. Lou is the type of dog you can go anywhere with & natural balance & gather built in. Lou is a dog that is a thinking machine and gets the job done. Lou has the breeding that comes from a Sue cross x 3, who was one of the best producing females in the Cattledog industry of generations. Her pedigree also has one of the best ranch dogs and tough trial-winning dogs I have ever owned and trained "Goodwin Reb" also Geordons Shep the toughest dog in his time. BC Wizz was the 2013 Open NCA Champion with the most beautiful flawless run I have ever had. This line is consistent, proven, and works! Lou has genetic DNA panel through Optimal Wisdom 100% clear. She has produced a great litter and is a great mother. Please take note of this great female and refined Genetics of over several generations. Lou is a MUST buy. She is on voice and whistle commands.  please feel free to call Robin at 208-741-0969 for videos and more info

093F70D9-BDC2-4E9B-9F0F-B0377C9E3ADD - Derek Westover.jpeg
Midge - Lot 3
Consignor: Derek Westover

Midge is your next #1 stockdog and she’s ready for whatever you can throw at her. She’s eager to learn new jobs and eager to please. Her workaholic personality never wavers, even after a long day on the mountain or in the pens. Midge literally lives to work. She’s been exposed to real ranch work and has also gone to town and ran in some trials. She’ll work cattle with tenacity and sheep with finesse. She’s fast and agile and has the bloodlines to back it up. Her grandsire is the youngest dog to ever win the International Supreme at just 17 months old. Her sire is one of the most accomplished trial dogs in the U.K. today. Midge is ready to earn her keep and be your next partner on your team.

IMG_1564 (2) - Quincee Nuffer.JPG
Peggy - Lot 4
Consignor: Quincee Nuffer

Born January 22, 2022, BC Peggy is a bright-eyed, prick-eared, smooth-coated, tri-color female pup. She is glad to work, companionable, attentive, and affectionately dubbed “barracuda border collie” due to her swift and athletic moves. Her pedigree is a map of national and international champions. A little over a year old, she already proves herself as an excellent working partner, and with her stylish moves and sharp look, she has all the potential to excel in trial settings and ranch work.

VideoCapture_20230205-073717 - Stacia Neilson.jpg
GRSD Sam - Lot 5
Consignor: Stacia Neilson
Gone Rogue Stock Dogs

GRSD Sam was born on December 28, 2021. Sam was instantly a favorite. He was the biggest of the litter and always looking for an adventure. As he grew we introduced him to stock which he took to immediately. Sam has tons of eye and bite when needed. Sam will work sheep, goats, and cattle. This dog is truly the definition of a man's best friend. He is always ready for work and excited to jump in the truck and start the day. Don't miss out on the chance to own this all-around little dog! Sam will be your working partner and your kid's best friend!

For more information and videos follow us on Facebook at Gone Rogue Stock Dogs and Performance Horses 


Stacia: 541-326-1577 

Tate: 541-761-8524

IMG_1618 - Stacia Neilson.JPG
GRSD Billy - Lot 6
Consignor: Tate Lane 
Gone Rogue Stock Dogs

GRSD Billy was born on November 22, 2021, while on the road home from Arkansas. Billy was born into this world with more personality than could fit in his little black-and-white body. Billy was the favorite of the family and was the last pup to leave due to the kids wanting to keep him. Billy was the kind of pup that just hung out around the ranch never looking to leave. As he got older Tate introduced him to stock and it lit a whole new fire in him. Billy is what we strive to produce! He is a big-boned, strong dog, with plenty of bite and style. He has an astounding creep that gives him that extra edge. Billy has been used on the ranch and has been shown in a handful of cattle trials. He will work sheep, goats, and cattle or darn near anything you ask him to work. Don't miss out on your chance to own Billy! 

Follow us at Gone Rogue Stock Dogs and Performance Horses for updates and videos.

Please Contact 

Tate: 541-761-8524

Stacia: 541-326-1577 

IMG_1255 - TheAmateurOne.jpg
Bandit - Lot 7
Consignor: Paula Gow

Bandit is a coming 5-year-old, intact, ABCA-registered male Border Collie.  Bandit lived his first four years on a cattle ranch but with little formal training.  In the last year, he has received his upper graduate education in working sheep and cattle.   He loves his job and will go all day.   He bites clean on both ends with a nice, low-heel bite.  He is a friendly dog and gets along well with other dogs and with people.  If you are looking for a dog that is happy to just be with you and is ready to do a job on a moment’s notice or work his legs off all day on the range or in the pens then Bandit is the one.

63705C0A-B3A4-4D24-B5D6-51EA9F09509E - Shawna Slyter.jpeg
SD Tate - Lot 8
Consignor: Shawna Slyter

Tate is a 4 year old ABCA registered intact male, black and white short coat. ready for your large or small operation. Tate  is drawn to livestock, has lots of outdoor experience working range yearlings and cattle in feedlot situations.  He has lots of power and will bite both ends, but is gentle enough to work sheep and goats as well. Can be worked on foot or horseback alone or with other dogs. He is ready to work for you.  OFA test, excellent results. If you have any questions about Tate please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me at 208-550-7471

C0AACB16-CDD8-4BF5-A44A-47AF595BD128 - Nicholas Mason.jpeg
Tulla - Lot 9
Consignor: Julia Masion

Tulla is a 5 year old intact female border collie. She has extremely good stock sense and is a hell of a hand for getting any job done around the ranch. She is a head dog and has a clean bite working on foot, from horse back, or ATV. Tulla is tough enough to work all classes of cattle as she started working pairs as a yearling, but has a good enough handle on her to move ewes without injuring the lambs. She is a very affectionate dog that loves kids and does very well in the house or outdoors in a kennel with very good manners. She has had three litters and is a very attentive mother. She has good rate, is very precise and would do very well as a trial dog or as your every day working dog. 

Tess - Lot 10
Consignor: Clint Johnson

Tess is a 4-year-old red and white female that loves to work. She will bite both ends, and go all day. She has a rockstar pedigree to go with her work ethic. With renowned names like ZBC Iceman, Chakula Sleeve, and Brocken Circle Scarlet on her papers, she will pay for herself quickly with puppies. 

BC Rapp.jpg
BC Rapp - Lot 11
Consignor: Robin Brown
Broken Circle Border Collies

Broken Circle Rapp is a great dog. Whether you need an experienced ranch dog or a competitive trail dog. He is willing to do any task you ask of him. Check out his extraordinary pedigree! He has traveled everywhere with me to clinics and trials since he was a pup. I have used him as a demonstration dog in clinics because he will work for anybody. Rapp also has experience moving cow/calf pairs and yearling on the forest range allotment of a central Idaho grazing assoc. He is fully trained and will work horseback, 4W, and foot. Rapp also has a full set of Whistle and voice commands and will be a very helpful asset to your ranch needs. Watch for upcoming videos at FB Broken Circle Stock Dogs or call anytime with questions Robin Brown 208-741-0969

Dog Listing
Horse Listing
Ricky Bobby
Consignor: Zane & Joelle Ford
2012 sorrel gelding by Allied Invester x SQJ Cookie Delight.

BCM ALLIEDELIGHT AKA "Ricky Bobby"  is an 11-year-old gentle sorrel gelding. He stands 15.1 hands. He has been used a ton on the ranch to the doctor, sort, brand, and anything else. He has no mean bones in his body. Solid head and heel horse, has been going on the breakaway side. Our 12-year-old has him loping a nice pattern around the barrels. Trailers and ties well. Ricky Bobby has been hauled to NPRA rodeos as a pickup horse. Stands for farrier. You can let him sit for long periods of time and just go jump on him. Lopes around the arena picks up his leads, is soft in the face, and moves off leg pressure. Will cross water or do anything you ask. Anyone in the family can jump on this gelding. For more information call Zane Ford at 509-314-5419.

Consignor: McBride Hereford Ranches
2019 palomino gelding by The Boy Named Sioux X Fletchs Fancy Lady

SIOUX FANCY SPARK - Born and raised on our range, "Spark" is sure-footed and good-minded. He has a solid foundation and willingly does all the jobs asked of him on the ranch. Spark will happily go on a leisurely ride or put in a day's work. This young gelding is ready to be your next go-to horse from the ranch to the arena. He stands 14.2 hands. Spark is Ranching Heritage eligible. Questions?

Contact Eric Hess at 509-830-3888. Visit us on FB or the web @

Consignor: Ethan Guse, Pilot Rock, OR.
2016 blue roan gelding by HD Tigers Blue Boy X Macs Blue Peppy.

RO TIGER BLUE DOX - “Blue” was rode extensively on a large ranch as a four-year-old. He gathered rough country, roped a lot of cattle outside, and branded thousands of calves. Recently has been started on the head-end, used at ranch rodeos in horse ropings, and hauled to some low-numbered jackpots. Blue is a finished ranch horse, but will need someone with some experience to finish him on the head-end.

Consignor: Adam & Morgan Weigand 
2011 palomino mare by HQH Quincy Blue X HQH Blondie Bee

HQH LIL LIZZIE - “Blondie” is an all-around horse that is quiet and gentle for all ages and comes in a beautiful package! Rope both ends, brand, doctor, breakaway rope, and a finished barrel horse. She can do it all. She has been used to flag and start colts and has even had guns shot off of and around her. Blondie is the first one at the gate to be caught, great to shoe and load. She has been hauled to numerous ranch rodeos and barrel races and has even competed in both at the same place, the same weekend. Blondie is a sweetheart and safe for the whole family. She really is the whole package!

Consignor: Pace Raymond
2013 gray mare by DW He Be A Playgun X Tivios Chex.

TIVIOS CHEXY PISTOL - "Sage" is a beautiful gray mare that everyone in our family loves. She stands at 14.1 hands and is 10 years old. She is well footed and we have ridden her in all types of terrain; mountain timber, steep rocky canyon country, belly-deep water, and creeks. Sage is safe for the whole family to ride; I would trust her with my little cousins if she was getting ridden on a regular basis. This mare has the ability to go anywhere and do anything. She is great to lope circles in the arena or chase down cattle. She is very cowy and loves to work on the ranch. This mare is wonderfully broken in a bridle and hackamore. Sage has sorted cows in the alley, drug thousands of calves at branding, and roped big cattle to doctor outside. She has been to the town where both my brother and I have carried flags on her in the Westward Ho Parade. We have also used her in ranch rodeos. For the last 4 years, she has been my go-to horse. It will be hard to see this mare leave the ranch. For more information call/text Pace at 541-377-1163.

Consignor: Mark & Gwenda Music
2016 sorrel gelding by Dual Smart Rey X Spoonevous

VINNYVOUS - "Vinny" 14.2 hands. Sire: Dual Smart Rey, NCHA LTE: $257,552. Dam: Spoonevous, NCHA LTE: $29,161. Vinny has been using horse here. Used as a turnback horse in the cutting pen; we work cattle and buffalo. Work the flag on him. Ridden outside, crosses water, bridges, highlined, trails. On the heely wheels a little rated right off the bat. He’s soft in hand, a little spin, nice stop. I’ve had him for 4 years. He’s naturally low-headed, loads, clips, bathes, good to shoe, and easy to catch. For more information, pictures, or video, text 541-379-0717.

Consignor: Peterson Performance Horses, Kale & Tatum Peterson
2018 red roan gelding by Red Dirt Roadie X Smarts Desire

IMA DESIREABLEROADIE - “Slate” is a cute 5-year-old red roan gelding. He is nicely started on the head side and likes his job. He is soft in the bridle, moves with ease, and has a big stop. We have used Slate for many jobs on the ranch, from doctoring yearlings to dragging calves to the fire. He will cross water and handle rugged terrain with ease. Don’t miss this gelding with a bright future ahead of him, no matter what direction you choose to take him. Please call Kale @ 780-515-0715 for more information.

Consignor: Peterson Performance Horses, Kale & Tatum Peterson
2020 sorrel gelding by Scats Dash X Roosters IBA Cattin

HE IS HERCULES - "Hercules" is as cute as they come! He is a nicely started 3-year-old gelding that has a bright future. He is very gentle, meets you at the gate, and is willing in every way. Hercules wants to be soft, move off leg pressure, and is ready to go in any direction you choose. He is bred to be great on the top and bottom side of his pedigree. He is out of an own daughter of Rooster on the bottom side and Dash For Cash on the top side. Don’t miss this great prospect. Please call Kale @ 780-515-0715 for more information.

Consignor: Mike Jardine
2008 blue roan gelding by Shiners Buenonic X Masterfully Colored.

MASTER OF THE SHINER - “Blue” is a gorgeous, stout made gelding, with good bone underneath him standing at 15.3 hands. He is a finished head, breakaway, and pickup horse. Blue has been hauled to jackpots, used at the high school and amateur levels. He is a good fit for any level roper or rider. My 11 year old ropes in and out of the arena on him and runs barrel and poles. Along with roping, we have used him to gather, brand and sort on. Blue has a nice stop, sidepasses, has a decent turn around and will really watch a cow. Blue lopes a nice circle, has a natural headset, changes leads and has been started on the barrels and poles. He is the kindest gelding we have ever owned, absolutely no buck or funny business with Blue, even if he’s laid off for extended amounts of time. This is the horse I put grandma on and don’t worry about a thing. If you want a horse you can excel on in the arena on the weekends and get work done during the week, all while turning heads, this is the one. For more information call Mike Jardine 541-613-3896.

Consignor: Jared Parke
2017 bay gelding by ILL Be Smart X Babes HB Starlight.

ILL BE HANK - “Nemo” is a 6-year-old bay gelding with a pedigree that’s rare to find! He is an own son of Ill Be Smart, a legendary NCHA stallion who passed away the same year Nemo was born. He is kind, gentle and safe for everyone to ride but has lots of talent and ability when asked for it. Nemo’s long black mane and tail give him a flashy look that makes sure to catch everyone’s eye. When we purchased Nemo he was 4 years old, started in the reined cow horse, and was an 11-year-old girl’s favorite horse to pull out of the pasture to ride. Nemo is great to ride in all aspects of ranch work and has been started in the breakaway and heeling. He was used in the sunshine of Arizona all winter breaking in steers. He is very broke and willing to go any direction his new owners point him. Keep an eye out for his videos and don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or questions. Jared Parke 208-539-0272 or Candida Eldridge 208-863-8185.

Consignor: Jared Parke
2015 sorrel gelding by RBS Badger Doc Rio X RBS Tiggers Doll.

RBS RIO CANDY MAN - “Aquaman” is a very gentle, chromed-out, 8-year-old ranch horse deluxe. Aquaman is as good to be around and ride as his flashy appearance is to look at. He has been used for branding, sorting, gathering, and doctoring. He is great for long days in the mountains, handles steep terrain with ease, and crosses water like a breeze. Aquaman has been roped on in the arena and will excel in any direction you take him; heading, heeling, or breakaway. We believe his best fit would be for a lower number header to take to jackpots and he is ready to go! He has been with me since he was 4 years old and he has never disappointed. Keep an eye out for his videos and don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or questions. Jared Parke 208-539-0272 or Candida Eldridge 208-863-8185.

Consignor: Rich Charrier
2018 red roan gelding by Bet Hesa Cat X Tinseltown Toni.

HESA TRAVELIN CAT - “Travis” is a strong, beautiful 5-year-old gelding sired by the 6666’s top cow horse stallion Bet Hesa Cat. His mother, Tinseltown Toni has produced over $200,000 in the cutting pen. Travis is an NRCHA money earner himself, having won the Level One Championship at the 2022 Montana Futurity. He is a quiet, easy-going, people-friendly horse who just happens to be a great athlete as well. All of his training from day 1 has been at the Roeser Ranch in Marsing, ID. We have started roping on him and he takes to it just as well as he did to the cow horse training. Travis has been used outside to rope and doctor cattle. For more information call Dan Roeser at 208-841-2052.

Consignor: Zeph Schulz
2017 sorrel gelding by Conquistador Whiz X CML Pocolena Chex.

NBAR TOPSAIL FRITZ - "Cortez" is a 6-year-old seasoned ranch horse and trail horse. He has a keen head and a beautiful flaxen mane and forelock. He is by the great stallion Conquistador Whiz and is out of a double-bred King Fritz mare. He has an ears up, get’er done attitude and has seen every type of terrain. He has been used to gather large mountain pastures, night calve, and doctor cattle and has a silky smooth neck rein. He is as handy in the arena as he is in the corral.

Consignor: Daniel Schulz
2017 sorrel gelding by Hydrive Cat X Ms Pepto Playtime.

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE - "Wrangler" is a 6-year-old gelding by Hydrive Cat and out of a good Peptotime mare. He has been used in all aspects of ranch work and will give you 100% effort every time. He has plenty of handle and cow to get any job done and will make you look good doing it. He is sound in every way with good bone and four black feet.

Consignor: Brad Rothrock
2014 red roan gelding by Fyrion Style X Spratts Six Oh.

FYRIN ON ALL SIX - “Jethro” is a great honest horse. Good-minded, sound, and ready to please. Has done all aspects of ranch work. Sort, rope, branding, and good on the trail. He has roped out of the box a little but has done most of his work outside. Lopes correct circles, has a nice stop, and can turn around nicely. Gentle!!

Consignor: Ryan Verling
2018 bay gelding by Shortys Shotgun X Slide To The Jewels.

LENAS POWER GUN - “Legacy” is a very gentle 5-year-old registered bay gelding standing 14.3 hands. Easy to clip, bathe, shoe, tie and haul. Will cross water, go over and under bridges, open and close gates with ease, and move off leg pressure. Been used extensively for every aspect of ranch work; doctoring, branding, sorting, gathering, and trailer loading. Legacy has been started heading and heeling. Been used to flag colts and break in fresh team roping steers. Legacy will excel in any direction from ranch work to the arena. For more information call 541-274-1203.

Consignor: RC Horses LLC
2015 gray gelding by Spurs Blue Magic X GFR Forlorn Miss

FOR BLUE MAGIC - “Blue” is a fancy 8-year-old gelding. He stands 15 hands and has good solid bones. He is easy to be around, easy to catch, and shoe. He loads and unloads well. He has experience in multiple disciplines and has a really good mind which will take his new owners far in whatever way they decide to go with him. Blue is a finished head and heel horse with good speed. He stands good in the corner, is strong on his pull, and has a nice stop. He will fit anyone. He has been to amateur rodeos on the head side and to World Series jackpots. He has been ranched on and been trail ridden in the mountains. For more information contact Pablo at 830-335-3747.

Consignor:  RC Horses LLC
2018 bay roan mare by SR Mr Nifty Beuno X Chiquita Sixes.

BLV CHIQUITA BUENO - “Chiquita” is a fancy 5-year-old mare. She has good solid bones and stands 14.3 hands. She is easy to be around, easy to catch, shoe, she loads and unloads well. She has a really good mind and experience in multiple disciplines which will take her new owners far in whichever way they decide to take her. Chiquita is a finished head and heel horse with good speed. She stands good in the corner, is strong on her pull, and has a nice stop. She will fit any level rider. She has been to amateur rodeos on the head side. She has been ranched on and ridden in the mountains by a 9-year-old. Contact Pablo at 830-335-3747 for more information. 

Horse Listing
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