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western select invitational 
horse & Working Dog Sale
May 3rd Preview LiveStream

*Starting at 12pm PST 

May 4th Preview LiveStream

*Starting at 10am PST 

Online Bidding

Unleash the Power of the Quiet Hand at Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend - Where the Best Stock Dogs Take Center Stage! 

Are you in the market for a top-notch stock dog? Look no further, as Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend is your ultimate destination! Join us for a celebration of skill and precision as some of the finest breeders and trainers of cow dogs from across the Northwest showcase their exceptional canine companions.

Experience the profound communication between man and dog as these remarkable working dogs preview their abilities on live cattle throughout Friday and Saturday morning. Witness firsthand the synergy between handler and dog, where the quietest hand often holds the best cards.

Don't miss the opportunity to make one of these extraordinary dogs a part of your team! The grand finale unfolds at the horse sale on Saturday afternoon, where these exceptional dogs will be up for grabs alongside the Western Select horses.

Attention Dog Sale BUYERS!

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year! Call Duarte Sales 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyers number. They will walk you through the process.


For more information contact: Robin Brown: 208-741-0969

western select invitational horse sale

Sponsored by: Pendleton Whisky

Saddle Up for Excellence at the Western Select Invitational Horse Sale - Where Exceptional Horses Find Their Perfect Partners!

Calling all horse enthusiasts! Get ready for the equestrian event of the year - the Western Select Invitational Horse Sale, a prestigious showcase of the finest ranch geldings and mares in the Northwest. We take pride in offering a select collection of horses, including skilled ranch horses, roping champions, reined cow horses, cutting experts, and all-around fantastic riding companions.

What sets us apart? There is simply no other sale like the Western Select Invitational. We curate a unique blend of talent, temperament, and versatility in each horse, ensuring that our offerings stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If you're in the market for a rock-solid working horse, then this is the event tailor-made for you! Whether you're a seasoned rancher, a rodeo enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the companionship of a reliable riding horse, our selection caters to all.

Don't miss your chance to bring home a horse that matches your every need and exceeds your expectations. Join us at the Western Select Invitational Horse Sale and witness the unparalleled quality that defines our event.

Watch and bid online at DV Auction!

Phone & Absentee Bids

We will be taking phone bids and absentee bids this year. Call Duarte Sales at 541-533-2105 before the sale to register for a buyer's number. They will walk you through the process.

2024 dogs
3 yr old abca female
Consignor: Nicholas mason

Bebo, 3 year old ABCA registered spayed female. This dog wants to please, and is one to count on. She is enthusiastic and excited to go to work every chance she gets. She likes people but loves her job. She would make a perfect daily dog on any operation working cattle or sheep or tune her up nice and hit the trial circuit. She has heart and will never quit you.

Contact: Nicholas Mason  (541) 903-2870 or

3 yr old abca stud
Consignor: Nicholas mason

Bandaid is a 3 year old ABCA registered stud dog. He is ready to start his career at your ranch and will make a real hand. He is built strong and has a very biddable personality without being overly sensitive. Naturally a head dog he will bite when the need arises but is not out to cause a problem. Has good manners in the truck and a friendly personality,  don’t miss out on this dog!

Contact: Nicholas Mason  (541) 903-2870 or

2023-05-31_11-19-51_392 (1).heic
4 yr old abca stud
Consignor: Clint johnson

Tuck is a 4 year old male that has been there, done that. I've used him on our ranch to move pairs and yearling, gather the forest, sort in corrals, and load trucks. He's been on countless all day rides and is eager to work. He'll work for you horseback, four wheeler, on foot, or from behind your steering wheel. He's very friendly and loves kids. 

Contact: Clint Johnson at 541-815-9969 

3 yr old abca female
Consignor: Rocky Brown

NBC June is a bright and motivated, medium coat, black and white border collie. She is a swift mover and has a nice bite, with experience working cattle and sheep in corrals, open fields and brushy hills. June was raised on a ranch with kids and really likes to please. She would make a great addition to your family and ranch operation.

please call for more information 208-741-0979

3 yr old abca stud dog
Consignor: erin collver

Chub is a 3 year old intact male border collie, dual registered with both ABCA and CBCA. At 53lbs, Chub is a solid built dog that can cover ground and he has the stamina to go all day. He was started as a yearling and has been on the payroll ever since, he’s easy to train, easy to use and will work for anybody. He’s worked large flocks of sheep, up to 1700 head grazing forestry cutblocks with ewes and lambs, been used to move and process lots of cattle, including pairs and he’s also been trialed on both cattle and sheep. Chub is a proven producer with two litters on the ground from him, one litter of 9-most of which are employed as ranch dogs today and the other litter of 2 just getting started and looking to be very trainable and physically tough like their sire. 


Chub is trained on both voice and whistles and has been used on foot, quad, horseback and side by side. He’s the type of dog you just don’t come across everyday, he’s tough, very trainable, a team player, happy go lucky and will lay around your yard all day and not get into trouble until you’re ready to go to work. He’s loyal to his handler but he’s never met a person he didn’t like. We are both proud and sad to offer this special dog for sale.

please contact Erin Collver for more information 780-898-7518 or Alberta, Canada

1 yr old abca Male
Consignor: Stacia Neilson

GRSD Rufus is a black tri-colored male registered with ABCA. Rufus is sired by our excellent stud dog GRSD Sam, who was sold at this very sale last year. Although he is young, Rufus shows all of the talent and biddability of his parents. He is strong and well controlled on everything from sheep and goats to cattle. In addition to his abilities as a stock dog, Rufus has been raised as a family dog, often entertaining children of various ages and loving every minute of it. If you are looking for both brains and beauty in your next ranch hand and best friend then Rufus is the dog for you!

For more information and videos please follow us on Facebook at Gone Rogue Stock Dogs and Performance Horses or contact Stacia at 541-326-1577

2 yr old abca Male
Consignor: Duane Hays

Cinch is a trial ready male border collie. He will be 2 years old in June of this year. He has won money in several trials and has been trialed by my 12 year old son as well as myself. He is an honest dog that gives his stock a chance to move but has some good bite to back him up. He will work sheep and cattle well. He has great out run and stays square with little "maintenance" as in tune ups needed. He is very handy inside the trial field or out in the pasture. You can do just about any job with him, he is familiar with alleys, feedlot setting, and pature work. Should make anyone a nice ranch or trial dog. 

Call Duane with any questions 208-405-9041

3 yr old ABCA Male
Consignor: Rocky Brown

Yeti is a 3 year old red merle Border Collie. He is a big strong dog with so much potential.  He has been a great chore dog moving sheep and cattle from pasture to pasture with ease  Yeti is also a very kind dog who loves his family and is very easy to use. Yeti comes from an outstanding line of genetics that goes back to Broken Circle Scarlet & BC Red Rover.  They make excellent ranch dogs.

Please call for more info and video Rocky 208-741-0979  /FB Broken Circle Stockdogs   

more dogs to be listed soon

Dog Listing
2024 horses
2020 sorrel gelding by
Phoebes Fletch x
Bos Lady Sierra
Consignor: McBride Hereford Ranches, Inc, Mabton, WA

Born and raised on our range, “Cisco” is sure-footed and great-minded. He has a solid foundation and willingly does all the jobs asked of him on the ranch from pulling sick calves in the feedlot, roping on the range, gathering, sorting cow/calf pairs and branding. His full siblings have gone on to ranch, rope, sort and hit the arena in ranch versatility. Cisco truly is an all around prospect! He is Ranching Heritage eligible. He stands 15.2 hands.

Contact Eric 509-830-3888. Find more  information about us via Facebook McBride Hereford Ranches, Inc., or our website

blackjack, neilson.jpg
2018 gray gelding by
Paddys Gray Hawk x
CK Sixcessful Lena
Consignor: Neilson Brother’s Angus Ranch, Rexburg, ID

What a fun ride this gelding is! His name is “Blackjack,” and he is the Cattle Barons kind. Steel Gray with tough black feet and straight, clean limbs, cute headed and cowhorse bred! Paddys Irish Whiskey on top and double bred King Fritz on the bottom. This good gelding is nice sized, 14.2 hands. He’s a level headed mover and will darn sure swing a set of split reins and cover the country. He rides around real classy in the bridle and acts like a broke horse. “Blackjack” has no bad habits, is easy to get along with and will suit most riding levels.

Call Zeph for more information 801-637-0047.

rw zeph.jpg
2017 sorrel gelding by
rockin W.
Consignor: Zeph Schulz, Greenough, MT

“RW” is a 7-year-old, sorrel gelding with lots of chrome that is honest and kind. He is an easy-to-catch, in-your-back pocket, friendly horse that is fun to ride! RW is a well-rounded individual, whether it’s in the arena, on mountain trails, at the brandings, working the corrals, or simply riding bareback in the pasture. RW has plenty of heart, handle, and try. He has all the cow you need to get any job done and does everything with a great attitude and willingness to please. He is an own son of NCHA Futurity Champion Rockin W. We’ve roped and doctored lots of big livestock on this horse, and he sure rises to the occasion when called on. He’s also started on the Smarty and would dang sure make a heel or calf horse. He is never cold-backed or cinchy, even with extended time off.

For more information call Zeph 801-637-0047.

Tru jared parke.JPG
2020 sorrel gelding by
Wimpy Lil Badger x
Tuckers Royal Lynx
Consignor: JC Livestock, Gooding, ID

"Tru" is just as his name sounds: true and honest. Standing 15 hands tall, he is as gentle and kind-minded as they come. His size and ability make him a great ranch horse and rope horse prospect. Tru has gathered and doctored cattle, and he handles all aspects of ranch work with ease. He is started in the heading and will finish into a great jackpot head horse. Take Tru home and put him to work on the ranch on the weekdays and take him to town to the jackpots on the weekend, He will handle it all! He will quickly become the go to and never let you down.

Call for more information Jared Parke 208-539-0272.

Solo Picture.jpg
2019 red roan gelding by Tumalo Tomcat x
Kiss Me Cate
Consignor: JC Livestock, Gooding, ID

"Solo" is very gentle and great to be around, he is always in your back pocket. He has had a ton of outside work in all terrains. He can handle deep timber, steep mountains and crosses water with ease. Solo will be the horse you want to catch when you need to get a job done and done right. As great as he is to ride outside the arena, he is even better inside. He is going to be the perfect size for a head or heel horse. Take him and make him your next #1 on either side.

For more information call Jared Parke 208-539-0272.

pace raymond.jpeg
2018 brown gelding by
Docs Dusty Boog x
Renegade Renee
Consignor: Pace Raymond, Helix, OR

Mr Dusty Renegade, or as we call him "Jeep," has been my go-to gelding. I purchased him as a 2-year-old from the Shelman Family in Burns, OR. We have covered tons of country together. He has seen many different types of ground, from mountains to flat wheat fields. He has seen steep rocky country, walked out into ponds, and will cross a creek without hesitation. He is smooth to ride and great at loping circles in the arena. He is cowy and good to sort on in the corral and pairing out cattle in the pasture. He is not a huge fan of his breast collar, but we always ride him with one. I have headed and heeled plenty of calves dragging them to the fire at brandings. He will track cattle well both inside and outside the arena. We have roped and doctored cattle outside. This horse is gentle, easy to saddle, and easy to shoe. If he is not being ridden regularly, he is not a beginner rider. The only reason for selling him is because I am planning on attending school in Texas next year.

If you have any questions text or call Pace Raymond at 541-377-1163.

Great Grey
2018 gray gelding by Definitelee Woody x
JWB Peponita Chick
Consignor: Ryan Verling, Stanfield, OR.

“Great Grey” is a sure-footed, gentle 14.3-hand, 6-year-old gelding that has been used for every aspect of ranching to the arena. Including doctoring, sorting, gathering, team roping, patterned on barrels, packs flags, crosses water, been used as a pickup horse for bronc’s, and to rope bulls at a couple rodeos. He is easy to bathe, clip, load, haul and shoe. Anyone can get on him and get the job done. Grey is ready to be finished in any direction.

For more information call Ryan 541-274-1203.

Sir Shiny Cat
2018 bay gelding by
shiners Nickle x
sadie The Cat
Consignor: Katherine DeHaan, Caldwell, ID.

I’m very excited to offer Sir Shiny Cat in the Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend Performance Horse Sale on May 4! This outstanding 2018 gelding has been in bridle horse training with the master, Dan Roeser – Roeser Ranch, for most of his career and full-time over the past year. He’s taken to the hot heels like he’s done it forever, has been out branding, and has NRCHA earnings while kicking off his Two-Rein year in 2024.

Aside from being exceptionally talented, this gelding is stunning and turns heads wherever he goes. By the great Shiners Nickle and out of Sadie The Cat by High Brow Cat, “Junior” is an easy keeper and has been meticulously maintained throughout his training.

Contact Dan Roeser for more information 208-841-2052.

2018 red roan gelding by
Bet Hesa Cat x
Roosters Prima Donna
Consignor: Sheila Combs, Caldwell, ID

Bet This Cats Cool is a big, beautiful red roan gelding sired by the 6666’s top cowhorse stallion Bet Hes A Cat. His dam is an NRCHA Supreme Reined Cowhorse. “Nitro” is a gentle, easy going horse who just happens to be a great athlete as well. Nitro has been started and trained by Dan Roeser since day one and has been successfully shown in NRCHA classes, and is a finished bridle horse. Starting roping and takes to it just as well. He has had a lot of miles outside on mountain trails and has no hesitation of going out by himself.

Contact Dan Roeser for more information 208-841-2052.

jake telford.jpg
2019 sorrel gelding by
Dont Stopp Believin x
Consignor: Jake Telford, Caldwell, ID

“Rowdy” is a 5-year-old AQHA gelding ready to take any direction. A grandson of Dual Rey and Shining Spark, Rowdy is cool, calm, and collected in any situation. He is broke right and has the best foundation a horse can have. Previously shown in Open NRCHA shows by Jake Berry, he has since been starting in the roping pen. He has great size and is a head turner. Jake Telford hardly has personal horses for sale, so don’t miss out on an amazing prospect for your family or ranch.

zane ford 2.jpg
2016 black gelding by
Jess Eye x
Ikes Orphanita
Consignor: Zane & Joelle Ford, Buena, WA

“Cadillac” is an 8-year-old black gelding. This is a gentle horse that has been hauled everywhere around the Northwest. He has traveled to several NPRA rodeos and is used as a pickup horse; you can also head and heel on him. He has excelled on the ranch in doctoring, sorting, branding, and doing anything else you ask of him. He has recently been used on the corn stalks to calve out. Cadillac has been in the mountains and traveled a lot of miles to gather cows. He lopes around in both leads and does great in the arena. Stands 15.1 hands. Cadillac is a nice all-around horse. He is a stout, well built horse. Bathes, shoes and hauls well. Current on all vaccines and wormer.

Please call Zane Ford for any questions 509-314-5419.

Jenny Joe
2010 black Mare by

“Jenny Joe” is a horse that anyone would like to have at their place. She has had the same owner since she was two. She has been ridden outside and is solid in the branding pen. Take her to the arena; she will know her leads and be fun to ride. I have heeled some steers on her and it wouldn’t take much to make her solid. Jenny Joe is a good-looking, well-made mare.

Call with any questions 208-899-1231.

Horse Listing
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